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Bev Newman

Author of the highly anticipated Conversations in My Heart + many more


romance novelist

Bev Newman


Conversations in My Heart

Conversations in My Heart is my writing journal, where I channel my emotions.  Writing about the depths of love requires me to be one with the characters, experiencing every high and low.  When they fall in love, so do I.  When they break-up, my heart weighs heavy.  And forget about sexual tension, no one suffers more than me.  So while my characters torture my lovesick soul, I’ll unravel my thoughts in Conversations in My Heart.


I’ve also found that the emotions I work through become thoughts you may want to hear as well.   My characters are like us;  grappled with insecurities, fears, questions of self-worth, or learning when to set boundaries.  Relationships are oftentimes the mirror we don’t want.  But here, we look in the mirror and grow together. 

Addicted to Love

Beach at Sunset
Straw Bag
Straw Hat and Cocktail
Sandy Beach
Lifeguard Tower
Couple on the Beach
Happy Couple on the Beach
Beach Fun
Surfers on the Beach
Tanned Model
Palm Trees
Seaside Cliffs
White Sand
Pink Swimsuit
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Swimming in Bikini
Feet in the Sea
Beach Time

Inspiration can be found anywhere, for beauty is all around us.  All we have to do is choose to see it.  Nature always makes that connection for me.  What nature exemplifies is that nothing is perfect yet everything is beautiful; the bent and twisted trees, the ocean on a stormy day, and the rain showers that make everything appear new again.   Even in our darkest hours, there is beauty to be found.  Just look at the moon. It’s like us, ever-changing, yet radiant in every phase. 


The more beauty I see, the more grateful I am, and the more creative I become.  I love to end my days with the sunset, usually cruising around on my bike, with bare feet and music in my ears.  I feel nothing but thankful and even more inspired to tell the stories that live inside me.


Words Are My Love Language

“I need a man that thinks it’s right when it’s so wrong.”

Lady Gaga, Edge of Glory

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